2016 Hope Box Campaign

2016 has the promise of being our largest year yet for Hope Boxes.  By God’s blessing, we anticipate going from 8,000 boxes last year to over 17,750 boxes this year reaching students in 47 schools across southeast Kentucky and Wise County, Virginia.  We recognize that this is going to be a huge undertaking, but we also know that God would not have opened this door for us without a plan already in place as to how He would accomplish this task.  We invite you to join us on this journey by your or your church making Hope Boxes or even planning to be part of a team this year.  We will be deploying 11 teams across 8 counties March 21-April 1.  If you have any questions about making a box, please contact our deployment coordinator, Tanya Walls, at hope.tw11@yahoo.com or by calling her at (336) 672-1376.  Henry Blackaby has stated that to experience God, we should find where He is at work and join Him there.  God is at work in Appalachia and we pray that you will join Him there soon.

What Goes in a Hope Box?

It is hard to know what to put in a box for an eighth grader if you haven’t had to deal with that age group recently.  So, to help you out with that we are including a list of recommended items for Hope Boxes broken down by gender and grade.  The lists can be daunting, so we would ask that you first focus on hygiene and school supplies before moving on to the fun stuff.  Now, by no means do we ask that you ignore the fun stuff because these children need things to brighten their day as much as anyone.  We simply want to insure that we get the necessities in each box.  You may not think a tooth brush would be a necessity, but we have continually discovered that when decisions need to be made between dental hygiene and putting food on the table—food wins.