One school’s Hope Box story

Wallins Elementary School and I are very grateful for the blessings and love that is shown to our students, schools, and community by Sandy Branch Baptist Church.  The children, and adults look forward to your visits each year.  All the hard work and love that you put into the boxes shows in the smiles of our children.  The help that you give to our families in need at Christmas is appreciated beyond measure.  Our teachers are very appreciative of all you do for them by helping their classrooms with items on their wish list.  We simply can’t think you enough for all you do for us.  We are truly thankful for your service to our Lord.  Sandy Branch Baptist Church is loved dearly by Wallins Elementary School.

Susan Noe

Wallins Creeks, KY


Help us pray for the schools and families of Appalachia. Also if you have a testimony to share, please leave a comment .  We would love to hear from you!

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